Tibetan Healing and Wellness Center

Tibetan Healing and Wellness Center established by Dr. Yonten is to preserve and promote ancient traditional Tibetan healing system. THWC focus on healing patients through traditional way taught according to ancient medical text, Gyudshi.   THWC choose the best medicines available, which are made as per traditional method using herbal ingredients from Himalayan regions. The herbal medicines and treatments have no known side effects.

Traditional Tibetan Medicine(TTM) is one of the oldest healing systems known to mankind. It was taught by Medicine Buddha (Sangay Menla) and practiced for more than 2500 years in Tibet and around Himalayan regions. Traditional Tibetan Medicine is a holistic healing system. It addresses the root cause of a disease as ignorance which is related to the three humors: Loong (Wind), Tripa (Bile) and Badkan (Phlegm). The basic principle of the Traditional Tibetan Medicine system is health through body, mind and spiritual practice.

Dr. Jampa Yonten on Tibetan Medicine