In-clinic Consultation
Healing of the patients is provided using the diagnostic methods, suitable medication dispensing, therapies, and counseling patients on healthful lifestyle and diet as prescribed in the Gyudshi.

Patients are offered distant diagnosis and consultation, through telephone, e-mail, skype etc. The herbal remedies are couriered to them suitably packaged.

Teaching & Training

THWC has been offering talks, teaching and training services in Tibetan Medicine to aspiring an interested people and organization. These are organized for a group or individual based on the need of the interested people or organization.

People can contact THWC to learn about Tibetan Medicine and healing system.

Tibetan Healing Retreats and Workshops

Dr. Yonten has been conducting “Tibetan Healing Retreat” and workshops in western countries and in India. He has conducted them in Germany, Croatia, USA including Hawaii, Canada and Switzerland.  Interested organizations or individual can get in touch with THWC to organize such as “Tibetan Healing Retreat” or workshops etc.